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European projects

The multimedia library and Europe


The Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, especially through its cultural activities and multimedia library sectors, is partner and collaborates with several European research projects. In fact, interest in new technologies for the cultural and musical activities has always pushed the Accademia to investigate new possibilities and participate to ongoing research in the field, happy to use its expertise, experiences and its outstanding cultural heritage, working in an international context made of universities, research centres and leading enterprises.


Current projects

- EUROCLASSICAL: Euroclassical is a collaborative network of top European music schools, designed to support the most talented students at that critical stage between final training and a professional career by sharing videos and audios from their public concerts on the web and by the participation to International Festival and Music Courses. The Culture Programme project Euroclassical started in 2011 and will be completed in 2016. The project helps students make contact with international peers, music professionals (instrumentalists, promoters, programmers, critics, agents) and the world-wide audience.


Passed projects

- ADDICTED2RANDOM: The Culture Programme project ADDICTED2RANDOM (2012-2013) aimed to produce computer generated music in a participatory, location-independent manner, by bridging past and present European musical heritage.

-I-SEARCH: The Accademia was partner of the project (Jan 2010- Dec 2012) which developed innovative search engine technologies, also for music.

- ASSETS: The Accademia was partner of the project, started in 2010 and completed in 2012. ASSETS developed value-added services tools and content for EUROPEANA the European digital library holding more than six million digital objects.

- CALLAS: The Accademia participated to demonstration, dissemination and testing activities for the technologies developed by the project. CALLAS was researching on tools to enable emotional interaction between users and computer.

- AXMEDIS: The project (2004-2008) has developed a technological framework for the creation, editing, multiplatform sharing of cross-media content. The Accademia participated as partner in different activities, namely requirements analysis, demonstration, dissemination content creation and testing. With AXMEDIS technology the Accademia developed the PDA Audio Tour for its instruments museum.

- I-MAESTRO: The project (2005-2008) researched integration of new technology for music teaching by developing a hardware and software platform for violin and strings teaching.

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