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Terms of Service and Conditions




Statement of Service Terms and Conditions


art. 1 - Preamble

This statement of terms and conditions of services is outlined in D.P.R. 5.7.95 n. 417 "Regulation bearing on the norms for national public libraries".


art. 2 - Location, hours, access

The Multimedia Library of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia has its offices in the premises located at the Auditorium Parco della Musica Largo Luciano Berio, 3 - 00196 Roma Telephone (+39) 06.80242332. Fax (+39) 06.80242306.

Email address:

Also accessible on the internet site:

The Multimedia Library is open to the public Mondays to Fridays from 11:00 to 17:00. Any schedule changes will be promptly communicated to users.


art. 3 - Patrimony

The patrimony kept in the Multimedia Library includes:

• the Library (121,000 volumes; among which are 7,000 manuscripts, 3,000 libretti, 850 editions dating before the 19th century, programs and numerous booklets;

• the Historical Archive (documentation, correspondence, autograph documents, posters and playbills relating to Accademia activities dating from 1651 to the present);

• the Audio-videotech (about 25,000 items such as tapes, disks and videos, including the largest Italian ethno-musicology archive, and recordings of concerts);

• the Photographic Archive (more than 20,000 photos dating from the mid-19th century to the present);

• regarding MUSA - the Museum of Musical Instruments (290 instruments, string instrument making tools and antiques including the Stradivarius violin known as "The Tuscan") - the catalogue records, photos and photo documentation of restoration and technical drawings are available for consultation.


art. 4 - Services

The Multimedia Library complies with the Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale (SBN) (National Librarian Service) and is also part of the OPAC del Polo Archivio Capitolino ( It offers the following services: Multimedia services The following services are available at multimedia stations: • consultation of selected Web sites and pages;

• consultation of databases on physical support, local net or Internet; Library research The Multimedia Library pays special attention to its bibliographic information service.

• The service is provided directly by Library personnel, for information regarding both internet collections and those of other libraries or deducible from bibliographies;

• through the publication of specialized bibliographies, catalogues of works accessible by the Library;

• through more advanced tools and methodologies, including computerized and telematic ones. Space rental - guided tours Upon payment of a rental fee established by the Direction, it is possible to use the spaces of the Multimedia Library for seminars, conferences and book presentations when compatible with the ordinary needs of users. Guided tours can be arranged by appointment. SECTION II USERS' RIGHTS AND DUTIES




art. 5 - Terms and conditions for use of the Multimedia Library

In order to use the Multimedia Library you must be at least 14 years old and be in possession of the Library Identification Card issued by the Multimedia Library itself at the moment of enrolling in the users' registry. The request to enroll in the users' registry must be made to the Multimedia Library administration, by completing and submitting the printed form provided. Requests to enroll made by minors must also be signed by a parent or guardian. Use of the data requested of users, in accordance with the law D.Lgs. 196/03 ("Code regarding the protection of personal data"), will be limited to administrating the service or information relevant to it, or to statistical purposes. By filling out the enrolment form, the user gives his or her consent to treatment of personal data, receiving contextually the information provided for by law regarding the treatment to which said data will be subjected; the user also expressly agrees to honor the stipulations set out in the Statement of Service Terms and Conditions provided herein. The Library Identification Card, which will be issued by the Multimedia Library to registered users, is for personal use only and is non-transferable i.e., it can only be used by the person whose name appears on the card. It is valid for 12 months and can be renewed. Both the Library Identification Card and a valid personal identification document will be requested of users wishing to gain access to the Multimedia Library and its services. In the case of loss or theft of the Library Identification Card, the user should immediately inform Multimedia Library personnel, who will then arrange for issuing a duplicate.


art. 6 - Access to Library reading rooms

When entering the Multimedia Library, users are obliged to deposit personal items - including purses, folders, rucksacks and personal books and belongings - in the special lockers provided, each of which is furnished with a numbered key which must be returned when leaving the Library. The Accademia cannot be held responsible in any way for items placed in said lockers. Access to the reading rooms to study one's personal materials is allowed when related to the user's need to consult Library materials, subject to approval by Library staff. Should the Library seating capacity be full, Library personnel may suspend access to the reading rooms.


art. 7 - Users' Rights and Duties

The Multimedia Library assures users that complete information regarding its services and the conditions of their use are to be found in this Statement of Service Terms and Conditions and that any changes in procedure or any other additional notices will be quickly communicated. Users are invited to submit suggestions aimed at improving performance and service to Library staff. Users may propose the acquisition of materials not currently in the Library, as long as they are the subject of documented research and pertain to disciplines related to Accademia activities. Users may also make criticisms and relay complaints regarding administration of Library services by sending a signed and dated letter to Library management, which will be answered within 30 days. Users must rigorously respect the provisions of the laws regulating the use of public places and the norms of this Statement of Service Terms and Conditions. Each user is obliged to advise Multimedia Library personnel of any wear and tear, missing pages or other deterioration in materials or volumes consulted. The consultation of texts should occur without causing any damage whatsoever; marking and/or tearing out pages are especially prohibited. Disturbing others working and studying in the Library is not allowed. Smoking is forbidden, as are consuming food and/or beverages in the Library. Cellular phones should be set in ‘mute' mode and used only outside the building. Photographing books, manuscripts or Archive documents (including by cellular phones equipped with cameras) is forbidden, unless authorized by Library management. The audio and video stations may be occupied only for the length of time necessary to listen to or view chosen material, or in any case the time compatible with the user's request. Listening is only allowed through headphones. Listening to or watching Library materials is subject to authorization by Library management. The user occupying a multimedia station is responsible for the support device(s) at that station and must return them as soon as he or she has finished using them. No removable memory devices (including floppy discs, CD-Roms, USB drives, etc.) are allowed. Library management may bar, for an indeterminate time, any user who violates this Statement of Service Terms and Conditions. Such a case will be communicated to the user concerned and his or her name will be indicated on a notice posted in the Library rooms. Where said violation constitutes a crime, the Library management is prepared to report it to the proper legal authorities.


art. 8 - Consultation and catalogues

Consultation of catalogues pertaining to bibliographic and documentary material is free, as is the consultation, reading and listening on-site to volumes, publications and audio-video support materials owned by the Multimedia Library. The Library management may order that consultation of any part of said material be partially or totally limited; written authorization by Library management will be required for such material, based on a written request by the user concerned. CDs, CD-Roms and DVDs may only be listened to or watched one at a time. Works in manuscript form, archive documents and editions dating before 1830 can only be viewed in the reserved reading room, under the supervision of Library staff. A maximum of 3 works or faldoni may be consulted at the same time. Possono essere concessi in consultazione contemporaneamente fino a 3 opere o faldoni per volta. Anyone using these works to do research for publication is obliged, at their own expense, to provide the Multimedia Library with at least two copies of said publication. It is forbidden to consult material that has not yet been inventoried or cataloged or which is in a poor state of conservation. The user must return all materials received for consultation before leaving the Multimedia Library.


art. 9 - Library loans

Registered users may borrow books. Each user may borrow no more than two volumes at a time. The Library will only loan volumes of which it owns two copies. Loans will last a maximum of 30 days, which can be extended before the deadline for a further 15 days, but only if the volume has not been reserved by another user. Brand-new material may be borrowed for a non-renewable period of 15 days. In any case, Library management reserves the power to demand immediate restitution of a document on loan. Each user is required to communicate immediately to the Multimedia Library any change of domicile or telephone number. The user is obliged to diligently look after any volumes taken out on loan and to return them promptly in the same condition in which they were received. The user will be required to repay any costs ensuing from loss, destruction or damage of volumes received on loan, in an amount no less than the outlay necessary for acquiring a new copy of the same volume or volumes. Should a user be late in returning volumes on loan, the Library management may choose to suspend said user from borrowing materials for a period not to exceed six months. Exceptions to the maximum number and time length of loans may be permitted by Library management for special, well-founded needs. Library management may exclude from loan any and all documents it deems necessary, due to bibliographic worth, precarious state of conservation, or for any other reason. As a rule, original material is excluded when it is:

• subject to legal constraints;

• subject to special protective techniques;

• in a precarious state of conservation;

• a periodical, whether in loose folders or bound;

• a selection of miscellaneous papers bound in volumes;

• a general reference book and/or material, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, catalogues of repertoire and bibliographic indexes: or a work considered of bibliographic relevance related to the specificity and integrity of the collections. In addition, no archive materials, scores or sheet music, audio-visual or multimedia supports, or editions dating prior to 1830 will be loaned out.


art. 10 - Reproductions

Reproduction of documents possessed by the Multimedia Library is a service granted upon request and authorized by Library management. The costs for this service are to be paid by the user and are indicated on a price list provided. Authorization of reproduction will be granted, upon request - for reasons of study or for publishing-commercial purposes - when the state of conservation permits, respecting the current legislation in effect regarding authors' rights, and barring any other legal restraints by which the material is bound. Photocopying is regulated by the Law n. 633 art. 68 of 22 April 1941 and by the subsequent Law n. 248 of 18 August 2000. The following material may not be photocopied: manuscripts, unpublished works, ancient works and in any case all works published before 1830, large-format volumes, bound newspapers, works of historic-artistic-documentary value, drawings, engravings, prints and photographs. Library management limits itself to providing prints of digital reproductions of such documents when they are available.




art. 11 - Access to recorded materials contained in the Ethno-musicology Archives (previously the Centro Nazionale di Studi di Musica Popolare)

The database of the Ethno-musicology Archives can be consulted in the Multimedia Library catalogue. Listening to digitalized recorded material is free. Listening to recorded materials that have not yet been digitalized is only possible by appointment; in the case of a single copy, upon payment of a fee. In observance of the regulations governing authors' and composers' rights (Law n. 633 of 22/04/41 and subsequent modifications) and of the provisions issued on the basis of the "Ronchey Law " (Law n. 4 of 14/01/93), reproductions of sound documents are currently allowed in the following cases:


1. For reasons of non-profit research and teaching, Library management may authorize the duplication of a limited number of pieces, compatible with the needs of handling and conservation of the materials in the Archive, and always after a selection made during listening. In this case, the request must be made by the institution (school, university, conservatory, library, documentation center, local agency, etc.) that guarantees that the recordings will not be used for financial gain and that no additional copies will be made from them. The user must sign a written agreement renouncing use of the recording for radio broadcast, recordings, film sound tracks or public talks, unless such initiatives are realized in collaboration with the Ethno-musicology Archives. Considering that the costs of reproduction vary from collection to collection according to the physical state of conservation and storage and given that the task of studying and cataloguing the material is still underway, each user requesting duplication will receive an estimate of the costs involved based on the price list indicated. The user's copy will only be made on a CD; the cost of the box and mailing expenses will be charged to the user. For every study, thesis or publication regarding Archive materials, two copies of the resulting work must be deposited in the Archive itself. Copies will only be made when compatible with rights and copyright laws in force.


2. For commercial use: the request, forwarded by the recording company, must illustrate the publication project (videocassette, film, DVD, CD, CD-ROM, audio cassette, etc.), the transmission or the performance in which the material owned by the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Ethno-musicology Archive will be used. There is a fee for this service; the price list is currently being updated. Those applying for recorded material must also agree:

• to credit the Ethno-musicology Archives of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Fondazione as the source of the materials used;

• to provide the Multimedia Library of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia with a copy of the support produced;

• to use the material requested exclusively for the purposes for which the request was granted.


3. Special agreements: A specific, detailed written request for any other type of need may be presented and will be evaluated separately; such requests may be granted as special agreements, the terms of which are to be established by way of special covenants.


art. 12 - Accessing and consulting documents conserved in the Historical Archive

The documents in the Historical Archive are freely available for consultation to scholars who make a justified request to the Archive director. As established by the D.Lgs. 42/2004 "Code for the arts and environment" in art. 122 (Documents availability for consultation), the following are excluded from consultation: a) documents declared classified according to art. 125 relative to foreign affairs or internal affairs of State, which can be consulted fifty years after the document date; b) documents containing sensitive personal and legal data, as defined by the Code on the subject of protection of personal data (D.Lgs. 196/03), which can be consulted forty years after the document date. The term is seventy years if the data are such that reveal a person's state of health, sexual life or private relations of a family nature. c) documents from the last seventy-year period which have been defined as unavailable for consultation according to article 122, paragraph 3. The Director of the Historical Archive may authorize the consultation, for motives of research of particular interest, of those documents of a confidential nature before the expiration of the terms indicated above. Authorization is granted, under the same conditions, to every requester. Documents for which consultation is permitted retain their confidential nature and may not be diffused, according to the provisions of art. 123, paragraph 2. The consultation for historic reasons of documents containing personal data is also subject to the provisions of the Code of Professional Ethics and Good Conduct included in the regulations governing treatment of personal data (Provision of the Guarantor n. 8/P/21 of 14 March).


art. 13 - Fee-based services.

Additional services are offered to the public for which a charge is added, according to the price list provided by the Library Director. The following is a list of additional services:

• photocopies;

• supplying digital copies and photographs;

• listening to sound recordings not yet digitalized, of which the Library has only a single copy;

• providing copies of sound recordings;

• furnishing information and bibliographic and archival research;

• purchase of publications and other materials for sale;

• any services related to a loan when it entails expenses for the Multimedia Library;

• space rental and guided tours.

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