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The Multimedia Library portal is one of three tools for accessing the computerized system created to manage the Accademia documentary content and information flow.
Through the portal, registered users can access the entire system of catalogues and digital material available to date.

The Accademia patrimony is subdivided into nine archives which are:
• the Historical Archive
• the Photographic Archives
• the Library
• the Ethno-musicology Archives
• the Museum of Musical Instruments
• the Audio-video Archive
• the Audio-video Library
• the Iconography Collection

• the Press and Reviews Collection


Within each archive, through a Web browser, users may consult not only inventories and catalogue records, but also digital reproductions of collected material – image files, sound files and audio-visual streams – created thanks to a series of campaigns which are still underway to digitalize diverse sectors of the patrimony.


The general Chronology of the Accademia is the second fundamental axis of all the information provided through this portal.
It is a transverse documentary tool for the entire system, which allows the user to log into the “thesaurus” of composers and interpreters as well as that of “titles” and to access the diverse digital content conserved, starting with recordings of Accademia concerts since 1985.


The third computerized sector contains the publishing activity of the Accademia:
• bibliographic catalogue records of volumes published
• documentary materials available digitally (presentations, summaries, electronic texts, etc.)
• analytical indices of periodicals, musical studies, the Annuary and EM – Notebooks of the Ethno-Musicology Archive (currently underway)

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